Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Holy Jampacked Schedule, Batman

I long for the days when my "daily planner" was my Family Guy calendar, scribbled up with markings like "SPRING BREAK TO NEW ORLEANS...WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!" and "The O.C. Season Premier!", and even still "2 week Christmas vacation begins!" (sometimes, and don't tell anyone, I miss seeing "Group Theories Final" or "Stats paper due" on my calendar).

Do you know what my "day planner" is now? An ACTUAL Day Planner. It's hardcore. It's got dates, and months, and places to write notes...and what's even MORE unbelievable is that the spaces for notes...well, they're filled with words like "Budget meeting 11AM" or "New grant meeting 1-2:30PM". When did I get so growed up? And is it okay that I still feel 18 inside?

Anyway, to say that this time of the year at my respectable place of employment is busy would be a gross understatement. It's a good thing I have Nic around to complain to when things have gone haywire (well, I might not have her for much longer...). Seeing as how my days are sucked dry with meetings and trainings and all that jazz, and my evenings are reserved for Huw Time and trash t.v., I have been on the low end of the creativity spectrum. So, for this post, I shall give you some random facts followed by a meme (something I cannot pronounce and swore I would never put on my blog. Desperate time, people.)

Random Facts:

I cannot stand Dick Vitale. I found this out by watching the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat last half of the Duke v. UNC game tonight. He makes me want to punch things simply by talking.

I bought my passport today. I have the plane ticket, I have the passport
(well, waiting for it), now all I need is May to HURRY UP AND FREAKING GET HERE ALREADY.

One of my wonderful friends, the marvelous Nanners, will return home from Israel next month. I wonder if she knows how much I've missed her?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be so filthy rich that you can spend $20,000 on baby furniture that, upon delivery, you realize you hate, but still pay the delivery men $10,000 to sloppily throw it in an empty room in your 2.5 million dollar mansion. And then I just get depressed.

The Pointless Meme (stolen from

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die:

For the love of everything, see and play in snow
Show someone just how much I can love
Own a car that isn't a piece of shit
Live in the same place as Huw
Sing seriously in front of someone
Take dance lessons with my husband
See New York during Christmastime

Seven Things I Can Do:

Stick my foot in my mouth (figuratively speaking) at the most inappropriate times
Keep a toe fungus alive for a year and 9 months (but thanks to Mr. Hoss, the Vicks is working!)
Wakeboard without dying
Make people laugh
Manage to NOT ram my bumper into the ass that's giving me road rage in the morning
Speed read
Memorize things like you wouldn't freaking believe

Seven Things I Can't Do:

Believe how close Huw and I were to NOT meeting
Manage to get through a holiday without fighting with my mom
Play any video game that's NOT an original NES system or game
See someone throw up without throwing up as well
See without a very strong prescription of contact lenses
Up and move to London right this minute
Drink beer or coffee

Seven Things That Attract Me To Huw:

His intelligence (although it's intimidating at times to not be the "smart" one in the relationship)
His sense of humor
The way he sends me little emails throughout my workday to make me smile
His patience with me
His willingness to tell me how he feels about me everyday
The way he communicates so maturely with me
How closely he listens to me
His ability to impersonate Arnie (and do dead on accents)

Seven Things I Say the Most:

"You F***ing ASSHOLE"--Road Rage
"DAH/GAH"--In relation to frustration
"I want to go home"--Bad day at work
"...but I MISS you"--Being a whiny girlfriend
"SHHHHH...it's back on it's back on it's back on"--The O.C. Night
"I've GOT to go work out today"--me, kidding myself

Seven Celebrities I've Had a Crush On:

Adam Brody, a.k.a. Seth Cohen(but you already know that)
John Mayer (He and S.C. were tied for first, but I made the decision)

(of course, none of them compare to this guy)

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15 "Sure was sweet of you to drop in":

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Léonie "told me"

A year and nine months for toe fungus? I don't even really know what that is!Is it like Athlete's Foot?

That is a long time to keep it alive. What were you feeding it?

At 2:23 AM, Blogger anna "told me"


I've been gone upwards of 5 months, and you still have not learned to like coffee? Must come home and anna-fy your tastes.
Also--thought you meant "Arnie" on Gilbert Grape, but JUST as excited to hear this accent. (Prepare the huw for the test) I loooove good accents, and for all my desire, cannot match them.
Also--I have shared two of your celebrity crushes (points for you if you remember "swan sheet"--let me know), and do I get extra points for swooning over Adam Brody during his humble Gilmore Girls years? And triple points for liking him more than smouldering Jess because he was geeky and funny?

At 4:04 AM, Blogger chrissie "told me"

Dickie V. gets on my last nerve, too. Yeah, baby!

At 7:22 AM, Blogger trishy "told me"

I'm with you on the dance lessons. Something I definitely plan to do with my hubby!

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Lauren "told me"

Fun random facts about Twinny! I, too, had a crush on almost all of your celebrity crushes, including JT2 (oh my gosh, how teeny-bopper!).

Sorry you're so crazily busy. I was thinking that sometime soon (this weekend?) I might come to SA and TREAT you to lunch. . .just because I want Twin Time so badly. Let's talk soon. :)

At 8:17 AM, Blogger trishy "told me"

ok did you just say JT2?...you're officially 13 again.

I guess this makes me a mean girl

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Lauren "told me"

Trish: Boo whore.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger trishy "told me"

Boo YOU whore

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Dancinfairy "told me"

See and play in snow. That is so sweet! I hope you get all those things you wish for :o)

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Jona "told me"

I know a woman who is so rich she paid £2K (little under $4K) to get a black labrador puppy delivered to the island within a week. Didn't stay a week mind, as it's hair clashed with her carpets!!!

And I hope it's okay to still feel 18 inside, I do :o)

At 2:18 PM, Blogger OldHorsetailSnake "told me"

I'm crushed. I didn't make the "7 celebrities" list. Gah.

What does "Harrow" mean?

Thanks for the picture of Huw. That's lots better than the one he has on his site.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Rob West "told me"


I have to tell ya, the only way to truly appreciate snow is to never have experienced it. (For more on this, see Trishy's blog!)

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Me Over Here "told me"

Leonie--I fed it bread. It liked yeast, and kept screaming "FEED ME, SEYMOOOOOORE!!!"

Nanner--Never, ever will I like coffee. But Huw taught me to make a wicked cup 'o tea!

Chrissie--I've never heard him speak until last night, and I had to lower the t.v. volume b/c I was about to punch out my set.

Trishy--IF my hubby agrees to it (which he will, right?)

Lauren--Maybe Saturday?

KM--Thanks so much. I hope you're doing well.

Jona--that's CRAZY, but I'm still jealous.

Mr. Hoss--A celebrity of your caliber needn't be listed...it's implied that you're my #1 crush and hero (just don't tell Huw). "Harrow" means "Hello", in Lanette and Huw Speak. And EVERY picture he takes is a good one ("yack" says you all)

Swankertons--Someday. Some. Day.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Tim-tambolini "told me"

The last three things you have on the list of things to do before you die are exactly the same as mine! I also say "harrow" because, for some reason, I like to immitate Chinese people. I do it on MSN all the time, but without the 'w'. I'm sure no one knows what I'm saying. Finally, that's a cute pic of Huw, and definately shows how cute his ears really are!!

Oh, and when you get as old as I, you'll only feel like your 28...not 18.

At 3:19 AM, Blogger Léonie "told me"

He he - nice Little Shop of Horrors reference! I'm now scared of your toe, though.


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