Monday, December 05, 2005

Because YOU Come First

I'm sleepy. Hands down, I should be in bed right now. But because YOU are so taken with MOH, here are some random (see: boring) events from my day:

My co-workers decorated the office Christmas tree today. Sure, I wanted to help, but only two people can wrap lights on the tree (any more than that and it just gets messy). I was going to pitch in when the ornament hanging took place. However, I went back to my desk when my boss briskly walked past me, giving me that "you're not really working and I'm going to make a mental note of this" look as she huffed past. That's a scary look.

I came home for lunch wanting Ramen Noodles. Now, I haven't really cooked much on my stove and in my oven since I moved in, so I'm still adjusting to the ways and ticks of the appliance. But, I mean, they're Ramen Noodles--it's not freaking rocket science. I filled up the pot with 2 cups of water, turned the burner on, and excused myself to potty whilst the heat kicked in. I didn't, however, bother to check and see if there were any food particles in the bowels of the burner...and before I knew it, I was choking on the foggy cloud of smoke that was quickly filling my apartment. Deathly afraid that my smoke detector would go off and the complex office would call the Big Red Engine, I tried to waft the smoke out the front and balcony doors. No alarms were sounded, but my apartment STILL smells a bit charred. As do I. *cough*

In a related incident, I attempted to make grilled cheese tonight, and, lover of stupidity that I am, forgot that my burners heated up so fast, and oh, so hot. So yes, I burned my finger. Twice. It stings so bad.

Apparently working out and gauging your estimated timeframe before you can pass out is NOT able to be measured in songs from the "Rockin' Songs" playlist on your iPod. It's so good to be out of breath and wanting to die from soreness again.

I finished Christmas decorating and hung my mistletoe. Now there's no excuse for me not to be kissed. Unless it falls down. Or gets stolen. Damn neighbors.

At a dentist appointment, I found out that I have NO cavities and bought a professional tooth whitening system (yes, the one the DENTIST uses) for half price. White teeth, here I come. Like Ross in that Friends episode. Har har.

Harvey Birdman has climbed into second place as my favorite animated television show (right after Family Guy).

This list has started to get boring, so I will end it now. Nighty Night MOH friends.

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At 3:41 AM, Blogger anna "told me"

You mean you haven't yet whipped up any figgy fruit 'n poo?

At 6:17 AM, Blogger Huw "told me"

Ah, the old "you're not really working and I'm going to make a mental note of this" look, eh? I get that a lot. Not ever because of decorating* though: more due to spinning round on my chair stunts or/whilst reading this blog.

But, I'm having to put up with a lot less of it nowadays cause now (did I tell you? I'M THE BOSS!

*if they are office decorations, I definitely would class that as work, even if you are only overseeing it.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Rob West "told me"

I decorated on Sundee. But dangit, I forgot my mistletoe. No wonder I'm getting very little real lovin.

Also it's because I tend to try and hang it from the end of my Santa hat so I'm always under it. Apparently that "doesn't count." Freakin ice queens. Also, however, it messe sup the mistletoe and I have to buy more all the time.

But I did put up my lovely fake tree complete with my new ornament of the Peanuts gang ice skating that plays the Linus and Lucy theme song. Snoppy pulls them all around in a circle when you pull the snowflake attached to a string.

You know, on those old cartoon shows, sometimes Snoopy would go into the doghouse, and you'd see the inside and it'd always be this huuuuge science lab with all this stuff going on. And I'd be like "Damn, that's what the inside of Snoopy's doghouse looks like." Always thought it was a bit of a damn thing.

Birdman, eh? Always was a fan of the vocal talent of Mr Stephen Colbert. But what's your cost/benefit analysis of Sealab 2021?

At 7:49 AM, Blogger trishy "told me"

I SO want the ornament you are talking about Rob. I am obsessed with the peanuts gang!!!

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Rob West "told me"

Trishy-- I got it at Hallmark. It's pretty dang ol expensive.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Lauren "told me"

I've never put up mistletoe. I should do that. But I don't have many, make that ANY, visitors who aren't female (except for friends' boyfriends, who I'm not really interested in kissing). So hmmm. . .maybe I should just be like Rob and wear it somewhere on myself.

My old apartment kitchen wasn't used all too often. I smoked up the place several times. Kinda embarrassing, but at least I was alone.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Curly "told me"

You won't be getting kissed if that tooth whitening system goes wrong ...

Can you defrost frozen prawns in the microwave? I'm stuck for dinner.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Chris "told me"

I typically get the "you're not really working and I'mgoing to make mental note of this" look from my co-workers! My supervisor, who's usually a jerk, has actually been nice to me, as of late. He actually tried talking to me about his girlfriend which was definitely a bit odd.

Has anyone developed Ramen on a stick yet? I think they should.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Jona "told me"

I feel your pain - literally, as I burnt my fingers on the steamer tonight :o(

Oven mits for Christmas then ;o)

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Rob West "told me"


Can we make it an edible stick, like Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip?

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Afe "told me"

Finger burning. Ow. Only slightly less painful than tongue burning.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger OldHorsetailSnake "told me"

Electricity is hard on a person who doesn't know how it works.


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