Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Isn't That The "DATA ENTRY" Girl?

I have never been one to have complete confidence in myself. I know that, when put to the test on any given project, I will pull through with a great deal of success...but would I have thought that before the project was laid in my lap? Absolutely not.

I have inherited the very pesky gene of "perfectionism" from my mother. Now, mine is scaled down quite a bit (thankfully), but it's there nonetheless. So, when I feel I am not able to do a project in a perfect manner, I will gladly pass it up. I can't deal with failure. That's why I was okay with my initial position at work.

I've been working at my job at this particular Health Science Center since June of 2003. It saw me through 3 very bad breakups, a death in the family, and a very stubborn toe fungus. This job is where I have met my best friends, and has actually provided me with a life OUTSIDE of work, as ironic as that is. However, for so long, I was "the Data Entry Girl".

You know her. You have her in your office. She's the quickest fingers on the 10 key this side of [enter your state here]. She can flip through paperwork without Tacky Finger and be not papercut. She can almost predict the numbers that will appear on the endless stacks of surveys before her. Numbers are her life.

This was me until June 1st, 2005. I was promoted to Social Science Research Associate II, a position which bumped me up from Data Entry Girl to Project Coordinator. It's a much esteemed position with more pressing responsibilities, such as database management and statistical analyses. Yes, I make more money. But what about my roots, my origins...what about the data entry?

I need not worry. Part of my SSRA II responsibilities include data entry, so I don't stray too far from where I began. I can still have my comfort zone. I don't want that corporate "big head" that so many other "big wigs" have. Nope, not me. I stay grounded, focused, and aware of my humble beginnings.

However, today was a milestone in my HSC career. I attended my first "Project Coordinators" meeting. Now, it's true that I have been a coordinator since June, but I've never felt it was my place to attend their meetings or participate in their activities. After all, wasn't I JUST the "data entry girl"?

But today, my boss (who happens to be the Principal Investigator for project I am the Project Coordinator on; it's a hierarchy thing) explained to me that yes, I should be in attendance because yes, I WAS the coordinator. So, I stepped into the conference room, as well as into some rather large shoes I must now fill. I have now acknowledged that I am an integral part of this company, and that my place here IS valued. Sure, it was before because, without the Data Entry Girl, you can't very well get your data entered. But that takes the skills of a high schooler. To be a Coordinator...well, that's a horse of a different color. So today, I *finally* began to feel valued at my work, simply because I now realized that yes, I DO have an important role!

Somewhat of a bland entry, but it was a profound* thought I had today.

Well, that thought, along with the horrific dream I had last night, and a very real email sent to me from my Darling, that seemed to have caused me to like him even more because it showed that he trusts me.

*Profound: Not in the way you're thinking, D.

In relation to my previous post, my Darling brought to my attention another location we MUST visit when I'm over there. It's just about the sweetest thing I've seen!

It's called a "Kissing Gate". The story is, a man may go through the V shape entry way and through the actual gate, but he will demand a kiss from his lady before he will let her through.

It's a very antiquated tradition, I'm sure, but anyone who knows me understands that I'm ALL about tradition. I can just imagine a nice stroll through some countryside, happening upon a Kissing Gate, and sharing a meaningful kiss with my Darling as we continue to walk, hand-in-hand, and enjoy each other all the more.

I can hardly wait!

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2 "Sure was sweet of you to drop in":

At 8:54 AM, Blogger anna "told me"

*sniff*, what about you and me and our Kissing Video Chair from the apt? And I was even gonna tell you I was PROUD of you, data entry poo head! Boo hoo hoo haWAAAAA!

(no, seriously mate, props.)

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Me Over Here "told me"

Nanners, you and I will *always* have our Kissing Video Chair. Know what I miss? Trash T.V. time. Simpsons followed by Blind Date...those were the days.

Hurry up and get back from Israel so we can be roomies again!


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